ATLJapanese provides private Japanese lessons up to the N2 (Advanced) level of Japanese. Your first lesson will be completely FREE! Whether you wish to develop a lifelong relationship with Japanese culture or simply to navigate the country more easily on vacation, I can help you to accomplish your goal.

You will learn N5 (Beginner) through N2 (Advanced) grammar and kanji as well as the basics such as:

  • hiragana & katakana

  • greetings & bowing

  • self-introductions

  • ordering in restaurants

  • counting & telling time

  • shopping

  • asking for directions

  • basic conversation



All learning materials, including textbooks, custom flashcards, and native reading, listening, and viewing material will be provided to students FREE of charge.

The most important materials will be the Anki flashcard program and the Genki textbook. Anki is a web and mobile-based flashcard system that offers a high degree of customization. Our textbooks will be Genki I & II, the standard for college level Japanese. It alternates between teaching new grammar and vocab and testing the student with reading and kanji exercises. We will also utilize outside materials, typically an easy to understand anime or manga series which we will translate together. Student preference for materials will of course be considered.


I teach using a comprehensive range of materials, based on the dual-method philosophy of input/recognition (new vocabulary, kanji, and grammar) and output/production (reading, listening, and speaking).  I also incorporate translation into my lessons, as I believe it to be essential to a comprehensive understanding of Japanese from the perspective of a native English speaker.

A scene from Tonari no totoro (1988) featuring custom made dual subtitles. 

A scene from Tonari no totoro (1988) featuring custom made dual subtitles. 

Custom-made flashcard decks will be provided to all students. They are tailored to each individual student and will help them to review kanji, vocab, reading, and listening in a logical, progressive order.

For kanji, my order differs greatly from the typical "school order" that is taught to Japanese children and American college students. Inspired by the acclaimed Kodansha and Heisig methods, I teach kanji in an order conducive to quickly memorizing all of the 2,136 jōyō (regular use) kanji. Many kanji contain a proceeding kanji as a component. In my order, characters that utilize the same components are taught at the same time. For example, 一 (one) and 口 (mouth) are taught before 言 (say) and 兄 (brother), which are taught before 説 (theory). This may seem logical but it is not the order that most textbooks follow. This new method makes memorizing similar looking characters (of which there are many) much less laborious. Ultimately, this order will allow a disciplined student to learn all 2,136 common kanji in a little over a year.

To keep lessons fun, I also often incorporate elements of Japanese culture, such as origami, calligraphy, anime, and Japanese cooking lessons. As there is nothing more important for motivation than the student's love for the culture, we will use whatever the student is interested in to help he or she maintain interest in the language. I welcome the curiosity of students who wish to learn more about Japanese culture.

Japanese calligraphy, or shodou. I studied shodou while working at a shrine in Tokyo.

Japanese calligraphy, or shodou. I studied shodou while working at a shrine in Tokyo.

As a student you will be provided with an adaptive curriculum designed around your schedule. At your first lesson we will discuss your goals and develop a learning path together. Schedule a lesson today and discover how challenging and rewarding learning Japanese can really be!